Weapons are the primary method of defeating enemies in GoNNER. There are seven weapons: six guns, and one melee weapon.

Weapon Ammunition Damage Description
20 1 Fires a steady stream of bullets.
7 1x5 Fires a spread of five bullets that disappear after traveling a short distance.
18 1 Fires a continuous laser that pierces through enemies.
9 1(3) Launches an accelerating projectile that explodes upon contact with an enemy or obstacle.
9 1 Fires a slow-moving bolt that chains towards nearby targets. The beam will persist depending on how long the firing button is held.
3 2 Melee attack with a very short cooldown. Retains ammunition for every blow landed and is instantly reloaded upon contact with with the floor, walls, or by landing on an enemy.
18 1 Fires a steady stream of arcing projectiles that only knock enemies back in the air but create a blast that harms enemies upon contact with floors or walls.