Vampire is an aerial "Trap" enemy. It functions more as a hazard than an enemy.

Stats Edit

HP: 1.

Mobility: These can move in the air, but only up and down.

Tactics Edit

The Vampire Head is one of the stranger enemies, as their movement makes them deadly, yet easy to dispose of if noticed. If Ikk gets close enough to the head, they drop to the ground. If unnoticed, the player often walks right underneath them and gets hit. When noticed, the player can stop and let them fall in front of Ikk, and then dispose of them by shooting or jumping on them. However, if the player is too far beneath the Vampire Head, they don't fall. This can cause the player to dismiss them, which can be dangerous if the distance between Ikk and the Vampire Head is misjudged.

When encountered in swarms, simply get above them and bounce around, or to the side and unload. From far enough away, they don't move, and taking care of them with a gun is a cinch.

When encountered with other enemies, prioritize the Vampire Heads first. They make it difficult to attack enemies on the ground.

Habitat Edit

The Vampire Head can be found in the following locations:

  • Cave World
  • Secret World 1