The Imp is a basic ground enemy.

Stats Edit

HP: 2. Bouncing isn't advised, as it holds no particular advantage. Shotgun works great, along with Scythe.

Mobility: Ground. It moves back and forth on the ground. It cannot jump, climb walls, or walk off edges.

Tactics Edit

The Imp doesn't even notice Ikk, so it is possible to pass them by without being pursued. They simply walk back and forth and stop periodically. They tend to walk across their area entirely, meaning they get to the edge or wall before they turn around and head back. Approach from any direction and dispose of them.

When encountered in swarms, just mash the shoot button. They can really get out of the way.

When encountered with other enemies, kill the Imps last. They can be deadly in combo with Vampire Bats and Hedgehogs, but once those enemies are out of they way they are easy picking.

Habitat Edit

The Imp can be found at the following locations:

  • Cave World