During Ikk's journey, he will encounter several enemies that will hinder his progress.

2 Remains stationary in the air until the player approaches, where it will then attempt to move towards their position.
1 Floats in the air, appearing either tired or asleep until the player is within a certain distance directly below them. The head will open its eyes and thrust itself downwards towards the player before slowly ascending back into position.
2 Your basic GoNNER enemy. Walks back and forth, stopping occasionally.

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2 Slowly pans across an assigned surface, stopping occasionally only to continue moving in either direction.
3 The Hedgehog is just like the Imp, but he's bigger and can turn into a spike ball, preventing you from harming him. The spike ball hurts you when you touch it.

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4 Walks around sporadically. Must be fought from a vantage point as most projectiles will pass through their tall legs. When left at low HP, runs around quickly before detonating.
0 Hovers in the air. Will lose altitude and explode if damaged. Can carry Rollies which can be dropped upon getting hit.
0 Rolls at a high speed towards Ikk. Can jump a short height if needed to reach Ikk.
0 Stationary enemy that can be found attached to walls. When the player comes into sight, it will point its barrel at the player and attempt to shoot them.
0 Enemy information.
0 Enemy information.
5 Rotates in place slowly, firing a single bullet periodically. Rotation speed and fire rate are increased based on the amount of health damaged.
0 Enemy information.
0 Enemy information.
0 Enemy information.
0 Move towards Ikk's position when he comes into view. If a Ghost is not chasing Ikk, it will stay the same color as the background until Ikk approaches.
0 A stationary enemy that turns into harmful spikes upon death.